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Exciting Organic Indian Herbs For Ultimate Skincare

From the era of ‘my mom made extra, so I used it’ fuller’s earth face pack to the deluxe skincare we splurge upon, times have changed but what remains the same is our perpetual endeavor to achieve a perfect glistening skin.The crusade for beautiful blemish free skin is unending and from supplementing our skin with that sumptuous night cream (you spent half of your hard-earned money upon) to dealing with stained pillow cases thanks to the turmeric face pack you applied last night, we leave no stone unturned to procure the skin of our dreams.

Organic Indian Herbs skin care and its benefits

Not all superheroes wear capes. Some of them come endowed with the goodness of natural and organic ingredients aiming to save your world by taking away all your skin woes. In this epoch of chemicals and adulteration, organic Indian herbs skincare is our savior which would provide you with all the benefits of skin care without tormenting your skin with a concoction of malicious chemicals.

The ingredients which go into the organic Indian herbs skincare and all-natural beauty and skin care brands are grown naturally without the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. So, this justifies the cost of organic skin care products which is slightly higher than their chemical counterparts. Afterall, garnering a batch of Manuka honey from the farms of New Zealand or extracting exquisite oils like those of grape seed or argan is not a child’s play and requires both time and money.

Harmful chemicals in skincare

Following a good organic Indian herbs skincare regime is necessary for a healthy skin, because have you ever bothered to go through the ingredient list of the cleansers, toners, and moisturizers you bathe your beloved skin in? Parabens, hexyl cinnamal, DMDM hydantoin and an array of tongue-twisting chemicals which are linked with a plethora of skin and health adversities is what your naive eyes would witness. Another villain, dimethicone which comes disguised as a friend giving a skin a silky smooth feel upon application is known to worsen dry skin and is also linked with increased incidences of pimples and comedones.

Also, don’t succumb to the wizardry of products which claim to be ‘natural’ by only mentioning the key ingredients. What comes concealed behind this veil of active ingredients is a surfeit of harmful chemicals like phthalates and PEG’s which are not only pernicious for you but the environment as well.

Scope Of Organic Indian Herbs Skin Care in India

Western influence has made us believe that chemicals are an incumbent part of our lives. Research emerged as our fairy godmother and enlightened us about the ill effects of chemicals.

Mankind, then discovered an innocuous rather rewarding alternative in the form of organic Indian herbs skin care and this promising substitute, since then is growing leaps and bounds.

Moreover, the organic products are not tested on animals so we are giving our fluffy friends a reason to rejoice every time we espouse organic skin care. Their chemical free constitution makes the products safe for our skin and health and the risk-free composition makes them apt for the expecting mothers as well.

With a whopping growth rate of 20-25 percent per year, the organic Indian herbs skincare and all natural skin care products are soon going to rule the beauty industry. More and more people are breaking up their unpleasant love affair with the chemicals & welcoming organic & natural skin care in their lives with open arms.

Below, I have summed down few of the top organic Indian herbs skincare brands in India so that you may be at ease to make the best choices for your skin.( Some of the links below are affiliate links which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you.)


Kama Ayurveda

Launched in the year of 2002, this brand has been recognized all over the world as one of the best Ayurveda Brand. India’s KAMA Ayurveda brand is certainly one of the leading products in the world for organic skincare and beauty. The quality is flawless and authentic and the products are globally acknowledged and sold. What more could you ask for from such an amazing skincare brand? The products of Kama Ayurveda are 100% natural and have authentic ingredients of Ayurveda.


Kama Ayurveda Himalayan Deodar Face Cleanser For Men is one of their bestsellers.

Enriched with the goodness of cedar wood, lavender & licorice; this face cleanser is crafted keeping in mind the various skin care concerns of men like ingrown hair & dull skin and is undoubtedly one of the best skin care products for men.



Pahadi Local

One of the top brands in India that sources all the luxurious and pure beauty products directly from the Himalayas. Yes, you heard it right. Isn’t it exciting? The products that are provided by this brand founded by Jessica Jayne are the best for skin care with organic ingredients. The products offered by Pahadi Local are rid of any harmful and nasty ingredients. The purest and the most authentic products of Pahadi Local make it a well-known brand all over India.

Try out the amazing Apricot Meal Scrub from Pahadi Local for a great skin.

The apricot kernel is obtained after being pressed by traditional method and ground to a fine powder. Add a little milk, honey and rose water to make a paste. Reduces in-grown hair and smoothens the skin.




The name derived from the Sanskrit word Om reflects the company’s philosophy of creating products that are close to nature. All Omved products are non-toxic, 100% natural and biodegradable. Take a pick from the wonderful collection of effective herbal and ayurvedic products for your hair and skin.

The children’s buckwheat pillow and the Omved Tulsi Masks are their latest bestseller products.

Try out the amazing Men’s grooming collections for high-performance skin management. They are specially formulated for the men’s body and face basic needs with therapeutic extracts that are deep cleansing and skin nourishing skin.



Forest Essentials

An amazing brand name where ancient and unbeatable wisdom combines with modern-day aesthetics to produce the best results. Forest Essentials is one of the most traditional and authentic brands of Skin Care in India. Finding its inspiration and foundation from Ayurveda, this product is a pioneering segment of the Indian Brand of Beauty.cts that are deep cleansing and skin nourishing skin.

Facial Ubtan Narangi and Nagkesar

Bestowed with exotic herbs like kesara, nagakesara & narangi; this ubtan or face cleanser ensures that you have a squeaky clean skin without leaving your skin stretchy and dry.




Juicy Chemistry

 Beauty products that will make you drool! Founded in 2014 it has an amazing range of products for skin and hair care. Containing some of the rarest products in the diverse range, Juicy Chemistry has caught the attention of every single individual out there.

The products are made from nutrient-rich ingredients extracted from fruits, herbs, and essential oils. No added preservatives and no fake fragrances. Must-try products for sure are their fragrant soaps and cleansers.

The Juicy Chemistry Papaya, Mandarin, and Lemon Gourmet Soap is my favorite.



Raw Rituals

Founded by one of the best skin care experts, Mrs. Lovina Agarwal, who resides in Ahmedabad, this brand name of Raw Rituals is one of the newest addition to the skincare products family. Like a typical new member, it promises to provide every other brand a tough competition. Providing comfortable and luxurious body butter to soothing face masks, Raw Rituals has got some great tricks for you to have a shiny and beautiful skin. Zero preservatives and no artificial fragrance only the best from Mother Earth are used.

Try out the Green Tea and Coffee Infused Under Eye Cream from Raw Rituals and you won’t be disappointed.

This gentle but wonderful cream will help reduce puffiness and redness and dark circles around the eyes as well as refresh and reduce wrinkles.



Osha Naturals

Make way for the Delhi masterpiece. Osha Naturals offer a unique blend of mother nature secrets of Africa with the ancient beauty secrets of Ayurveda and other parts of the world.

The Brand, Osha Naturals was founded by Dr. Mansi Thukral Chandra who is one of the leading skin care experts in India. Although a bit expensive, the products are trustworthy and luxurious. From lavish face packs and toners to lip balms and body butter, you have everything in here.

A must try is the Osha Naturals Body Butter.

The product is completely waterless. It has only oils and butter with zero preservatives.




So what do you think is special about SoulTree? The fact that this brand is considered to be the only brand in India that offers certified products for personal skin care. The natural and authentic ingredients used in the products of Soul Tree make it a 100% organic and natural brand that will just do well for your skin. All the ingredients of the products have a certain natural origin with careful selection of herbs and natural oils.

This amazing Cleansing lotion – Aloe & Rose Water with Skin Toning Licorice has no added colors and no preservatives as well.

This moisturizing face wash is prepared with fresh extracts from Indian rose and Turmeric infused with aloe and forest honey.



 Khadi Natural

When it comes to skincare, nothing can beat Khadi Natural. And as the very name suggests, every single product of Khadi Natural have 100% natural and authentic ingredients in them.  So much is the popularity of the brand that people vouch for its efficacy. Amongst the many amazing products, the best ones to try would be their herbal face moisturizers, sun shields lotions, eye gel and massage oils.

Khadi Rose and Honey Moisturiser.

This lotion is one of their bestsellers and made from pure herbal ingredients derived from nature and suitable for all types of skin. It keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day leaving it soft and fragrant. I personally love this lightweight moisturizer and has been my constant companion for the past couple of years.



Bon Organics (Bio-Organics & Natural)

Known to be one of the most popular beauty products brands that have a seal of organic certification attached to them, this brand and the products that it provides consist of some of the best organic gels, shampoos, conditions, and oils. Started in the year 1997 by Mr. Ganesh Chandrashekhar, who felt conscious living was a priceless gift of God and wellbeing hidden in the organic and natural environment. BON today has certainly established itself as one of the pioneering names in the skincare industry by launching several options for organic products. They claim that their products nurture and revitalizes the skin and are made from ingredients that are both effective and safe.

From BON Organics Eyeliner Midnight is certainly one of my favorites. It not only enhances and defines the eyes but also nourishes the hair follicles on our eyes.



Ancient Living

Founded by Kalyani Gongi in 2010, this legendary brand of skin care and wellness products has been going around for generations. The products at Ancient living are absolutely authentic and organic as the founders are pretty much passionate about organic farming. Most of the herbs are sourced from their own farms and the rest from other sustainable organic farms.

Their products are free of synthetic dyes, cruelty-free and fully biodegradable.

From the numerous options, you should try out the Multani Mitti Face pack. It is a natural enhancing facial mask that removes the dead cells buildup leaving the skin refreshed and purified.



Vaadi Herbals

Welcome to the wonderful world of  Vaadi Herbals. With an ideal blend of Ayurveda together with modern formulations, this brand has grown by leaps and bounds. Vaadi Herbal products are formulated with Balance and Nature in mind. Exporting to about 15 countries in a very short span of time and receiving an overwhelming response to their products they have become a force to reckon with in the growing organic products sector in India. They have been certified by Eurocert, Europe’s leading certification body. One of their bestsellers is the

Vaadi Herbals Soothing and Refreshing Pedicure, Manicure Spa Kit.



Ruby’s Organics

Being a huge aficionado the founder Rubeina learned how toxic most cosmetics could be which urged her to come up with an alternative solution that was kind to the environment and skin. Thus was born Ruby’s Organics. Ruby’s Organics is an all organic makeup line which is deemed to be the country’s first and one of the best natural makeup brands to suit the Indian skin tone which is devoid of synthetic and chemical preservatives. Their makeup is lightweight and longlasting.

Ruby’s Organic Cream Blush

Stain your cheeks in hues of nature with Ruby’s Organics Cream Blush. Ruby’s Organics is an all organic makeup line which is deemed to be the country’s first and one of the best natural makeup brands.




Iraya in Sanskrit meaning From the Earth is a fast-growing brand with its commitment to using the purest natural ingredients and natural preservatives. With 30 years of legacy in the field of Ayurveda, Iraya is based near the lush forests of Central India. Their range of products range is vast and the formulations are based on pure ayurvedic principles.

A must try is their face wash Iraya Manditan Ubtan


Ditch your conventional face washes and try this Iraya Manditan Ubtan which contains sweet fennel, Indian gooseberry & manjistha which would give you a clear glowing skin devoid of any blemishes



Vedantika Herbals

The Ancient Indian curative powers with modern technology to achieve natural products, Vendantika Herbals are offering innovative ayurvedic products for the complete health and beauty care to mankind.

One of their top selling skin care product is the Vedantika Anti-Acne Face Pack

This face mask with the goodness of neem and tulsi quickly dries out the pimples and soothes and nourishes irritated skin.

The mask is gentle but effectively exfoliates the dead skin cells leaving it clear and soft.






With the Western companies trying to win over the Indian market by adding substances like honey in face washes and engineering plates made out of banana leaves, don’t you think that we should go back to our roots and try incorporating more organic and natural skincare for the benefit of our skin as well as the welfare of our environment?


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