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Try Organic or as your grandparents called it “Food” and yes I buy organic and I’m not buying it because it’s hip or trendy.
When I was younger and living with my parents, it was common to see my mother in the kitchen armed with fresh vegetables and fruits from the backyard that she had grown from scratch. “Organic,” she’d say with pride. We often joked that she valued her fruits, vegetables more than her own children which of course she never denied.
You see, she grew up in a generation where organic food was just food – wholesome, fresh and nutritious. As a society, we have advanced very far in all fields, pun intended. Genetically modified food has become very common. While a chicken loaded with growth hormones today can feed an entire army, it has become increasingly difficult to determine if the fifty shades of your greens are natural or a result of intensive modifications.
Organic food has become a major player in the market today, taking everybody by storm. However, some people steer clear of this owing to it being a little pricey. Yes, organic food is expensive, but so is cancer, Chuck! However, once you experience the goodness of these foods, you will get over that small hole in your pocket. Hoping to build a community active in exchanging and engaging ideas and disseminating information on the goodness of adopting an organic lifestyle for the health of our PLANET!

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